In 2003, Elsevier introduced a popular series of posters with the theme Never underestimate the importance of a librarian. Library Connect is reimagining those posters and related artifacts with photos crowdsourced from the global library community, and we are inviting librarians around the world to submit photos they have taken (or “made” for the real photo buffs!) that exemplify the theme. The resulting pieces will be freely available under a Creative Commons license for download from the Library Connect website for use in your library. The grand prize winner will receive US $1,500 more

Aug 25, 2014 - article

Web accessibility: Educating librarians means empowering users

Library users with disabilities don’t want to have to ask for help. They want to be empowered and do it themselves, affirm Ranti Junus and Debra Riley-Huff, two librarians who ensure the accessibility of their libraries’ resources.   “The help is there,” says Ranti, the Electronic Resources Librarian at Michigan State University (MSU) Libraries, “but it should also be built into the online tools and services so that it is seamless and imperceptible to the user.”  ....Read more

Aug 07, 2014 - article

Kazakhstani librarians explore emerging global trends in university library development

To advance its research base, Kazakhstan is actively working to enhance international standards and practices within its academic libraries. In support of this mission, Nazarbayev University and Elsevier hosted the second annual Library Connect event on June 11-12 in Astana devoted to the issues of developing academic libraries.  ....Read more

Aug 04, 2014 - article

Elsevier Metrics Development Program now open for proposals

With the proliferation and increasing availability of primary data, research can be evaluated to a depth and extent previously unknown. This expanding horizon, though exciting, can be challenging to those involved in the process, including evaluators, administrators, researchers and others.  ....Read more

Jun 19, 2014 - article

Connecting researchers with their research through community adoption of ORCID

Rapid adoption and integration worldwide  ....Read more

Jul 29, 2014 - article

Marketing the Academic Library: Free ePub/PDF download

What do the following actions have in common?   Seek varied opinions and diverse input Build communities via social networking Create a podcast Innovate even if "it ain't broke"  ....Read more

Jul 21, 2014 - article

WEBINAR: Rise of the databrarian

With the increased pressure in the research community to make research data available, librarians are becoming more involved in the process. Librarians are well suited to these new tasks with their experience in curation, description, preservation and access. In this one-hour webinar, learn how librarians are transitioning and enhancing current skill sets, and what new skills are required.   Thursday, October 16....Read more

Jul 10, 2014 - Presentation

SLIDES: New horizons in evaluation metrics for scholarly research

Todd Carpenter, NISO; Jean Liu,; and Mike Taylor, Elsevier Labs

In these three presentations at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference, experts from the altmetrics community shared ideas about emerging altmetrics projects and the significance of evaluation metrics for the scholarly research community.....Read more