Editorial Guidelines

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Do you have a story you would like to share with our 36,000 Library Connect Newsletter subscribers around the world? We want to hear about your experiences as an academic, corporate, medical or government librarian.


To begin, please read the editorial guidelines below. If your article fits, then email us at libraryconnect@elsevier.com with a short description for our review and response.


Types of Articles


How-tos  / tactical

Share hands-on initiatives within your library that offer new services or improve existing procedures. Offer tips and steps, patron response or stakeholder feedback, lessons learned and future plans.




Librarian roles

Describe new librarian roles or responsibilities, why the change, training needed, and resources for others who are interested.




Big ideas / strategy

Discuss aligning library strategy — including physical space, staff and resources — with institutional goals and other trends affecting your library.




Community news

Describe community initiatives of interest to librarians that intersect with Elsevier products, services and policies.




Elsevier products or solutions as part of the story

Share how you are: using an Elsevier product to address user, departmental or organizational needs; providing product training; or promoting usage of library resources.





What we are not


Although the Library Connect Newsletter has an ISSN (1549-3733), it is not a peer-reviewed journal. We are not looking for lengthy articles that reflect a deep exploration or literature review of an LIS research topic. We recommend you enquire with one of Elsevier’s peer-reviewed LIS journals.


Article Specifications & Process


Library Connect articles are typically 750 words long; however, this is a frame of reference and not a requirement or limitation if you would like to write less or more. 


Upon invitation to publish, authors submit articles as a Word doc and include images as separate attachments (high-resolution JPG or PNG files are preferred). After you submit, the article will be professionally edited and returned for your review. We will then post it on the Library Connect website. In addition to the text, we request you submit an accompanying image(s) to enhance the article (or suggest one that we might create), as well as a short biography and picture of yourself. The author information is added to the Contributors section of the website. You are welcome to add supplementary links to your contributor information, such as links to a blog or website or your social media accounts, e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn.




By default, the materials on the Library Connect website are published under a Creative Commons NonCommercial ShareAlike license. Library Connect contributor photos are used on website and social media headers in mosaics, as well as other promotional artifacts. If you do not wish to apply a Creative Commons license or do not wish to have your photo included in banners, etc., please let us know and we will note the exception. 




Your article will be made freely available on the Library Connect website (https://libraryconnect.elsevier.com) and shared in the next monthly Library Connect Newsletter with 30,000 subscribers around the world. It will also be promoted on Library Connect’s active social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. As an author, you are encouraged to promote your article on your own blog, website, social channels, etc. by linking to the article on the Library Connect website.