Jenny Delasalle

Freelance Consultant / Librarian
Germany | Twitter

Jenny Delasalle (@JennyDelasalle) is a freelance consultant and an experienced librarian whose interests include bibliometrics and altmetrics, the changing landscape of scholarly communication, and how researchers can and do share and promote their research while also protecting their professional image.
Currently based in Berlin, Jenny is learning the German language and working freelance as a consultant, copywriter and fact-checker, all of which is bringing a new insight to her perspective on scholarly communication. Throughout her career, Jenny has worked in a number of academic library roles at various UK higher education institutions, including most recently at the University of Warwick, managing the library's support of researchers. Prior to that role, Jenny established and managed the institutional repository at the University of Warwick and served as the chair of the UK Council of Research Repositories in 2009-10. Copyright, open access and performance measurement are themes that have recurred throughout Jenny's work, and her latest blog is at: