Humberto Martínez Camacho

Humberto Martínez Camacho

Reference Librarian
Universidad Panamericana

Humberto Martínez Camacho is an expert in the management and use of databases, as well as in the creation of search strategies and bibliometric analyses. He specializes in the creation and management of research profiles and use of reference managers.


He has worked at the Universidad Panamericana since 2017, currently as an academic reference librarian and adviser to researchers on questions of visibility related to their scientific work.


Humberto has a degree in Library Science from the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí and as a technician in Administrative Computing and Digital Design from the Center for Basic Computer Skills in the same state. His career is dedicated to information services and he has held various positions in organizations and institutions, including the Public Library and the Historical Documentation Center of the state of San Luis Potosi, archives of private security companies, and organizer of the personal library of Israel Cavazos Garza, chronicler of the city of Monterrey.


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