Gregory J. Gordon

Gregory J. Gordon

Managing Director
Rochester, NY
United States

Gregory J. Gordon is Managing Director of SSRN, a leading open access multidisciplinary online repository of scholarly research. SSRN is focused on providing global access to early stage research — Tomorrow's Research Today. In May 2016 SSRN joined Elsevier, the world’s leading provider of scientific content and solutions.


The leading repository of early stage research, SSRN provides a variety of electronic distribution and related services to help scholars create innovative research. More importantly, SSRN works with researchers to reduce the time needed to find relevant material, provide easy access to a broad array of interdisciplinary content, and significantly accelerate the cycle of research. Its eLibrary database has close to 800,000 papers from more than 350,000 authors and users have downloaded 120,000,000 full text papers since inception.  


Prior to helping Michael C. Jensen found SSRN in 1994, Gregg worked at KPMG and entrepreneurial companies in technology and healthcare. Gregg speaks around the world and writes regularly about scholarly research and the changes needed to create innovative research faster. He co-authored "The Question of Data Integrity in Article-Level Metrics" published by PLOS Biology and recently gave several talks in Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo celebrating Open Access Week 2017.

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