Amanda Horsman

Amanda Horsman

Academic Medical Librarian
Centre de formation médicale du Nouveau-Brunswick, Bibliothèque Champlain, Université de Moncton
Moncton, NB

Located at a smaller Canadian university in the Maritimes, Amanda is the satellite librarian for Université de Sherbrooke’s distributed medical program at Université de Moncton. She specializes in helping the students, employees and researchers at the medical education center succeed in their work endeavors. In particular, she is well versed in information literacy instruction, facilitating “evidence-based medicine” research, organizational data management and information brokering.


She is actively involved in local and international associations, including as a senior member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals. In addition to these roles, Amanda is pursuing Interdisciplinary PhD studies at the University of New Brunswick where she is working on a thesis that links librarianship, language studies and medical education. For a list of publications and presentations, follow the link to her professional profile.


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Education: BA (hons), MLIS, AHIP, Doctoral Student