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Quick wins for library workshop planning

By Zoe Pettway Unno, University of Southern California | June 25, 2018

Quick wins for library workshop planning

Hosting a library workshop can be exhilarating, especially when an engaged crowd is spilling out of your conference room. Discover a few tips from the author's years of hosting and presenting library workshops to help you prepare a winning presentation for your audience.

The big idea at the University of Texas Arlington Libraries was to create a new consultation service consisting of both a consultation and customized metrics report. Librarian Andy Herzog showcases their new service model that touches upon an individual faculty member’s needs, research metrics and academic impact.

In tribute to Karen Hunter, a former colleague who passed away on May 31, 2018, we would like to reshare her final Library Connect Newsletter article originally published in March 2011.

The digital humanities lab: A dedicated space to support faculty’s creative endeavors

By Katy Kavanagh Webb, East Carolina University | June 11, 2018

Digital Humanities Lab

This article by Katy Kavanagh Webb, East Carolina University, describes how to set up a digital humanities lab (DHL), projects that a DHL can be used for, what equipment is necessary, and a case study from the successful DHL at UW Milwaukee. It also includes a list of librarian roles in the digital humanities.

Join our librarian presenters in this webinar as they share their unique stories about library value starting with themes that resonate with their stakeholders.


Stakeholders are the key to implementing emerging technologies in your library, and it is important to get them on board to support your initiatives. Here are some key points and a checklist to help you prepare for success.


The digital media lab: A library creative space for supporting multimodal assignments

By Katy Kavanagh Webb, East Carolina University | May 16, 2018

Georgetown University, Gelardin New Media Center and Maker Hub

Where would you go if you were working on a creative project and needed to use digital video or audio software and equipment, but did not want to invest thousands of dollars to buy these high-tech products? A library, of course!

The power and the challenges of collaboration for academic libraries

By Jeremy Atkinson, LIS Consultant | May 11, 2018

Collaboration for Academic Libraries

 The author analyzed a range of case studies that provide useful insights into the nature and effectiveness of collaborative activities and innovative approaches in academic libraries. Grouping them into five categories, he shares a few examples of each.

Research information management (RIM) is an emerging library service area that involves the collection and curation of metadata on campus research activity. Read about the pros of utilizing a RIM system to make reporting easier and more streamlined.





Having hosted two webinars on assessing the quality of a journal and the importance of Scopus data and bibliometric indicators for international university rankings, we are happy to announce the last Scopus Bootcamp session of this summer!