This ScienceDirect webinar provides a look into increasing science literacy through understanding scientific knowledge and practices that contribute to a more streamlined understanding of science.

A collection of links providing useful resources to librarians and their library users during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Annual student symposium quickly adapts into an interactive virtual showcase

Maureen Schlangen, University of Dayton and Rachael Zaleski, Elsevier | May 8, 2020

Stander symposium

After COVID-19 sent higher education to the remote realm, a swift customization by Elsevier’s Digital Commons institutional repository team ensured that a popular student symposium at the University of Dayton didn’t become a casualty.

Tips to optimize researcher education and collaboration

With Potenza Atiogbe, Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals, NHS Trust | Apr 30, 2020

Researcher Collaboration

Key ways a librarian service manager leverages Mendeley to support networking and training in her work at the NHS Trust in the UK.

Webinar Recording | Setting researchers up for success with better workflow

With Rebecca Morin, Potenza Atiogbe, Kristina Hopkins | Mar 6, 2020

Library Connect Webinar

In this recorded webinar, a recent PhD student discusses the student perspective on learning about the research workflow. Followed by librarians who explore their role in enabling the effective collaboration of research teams and ensuring researchers have the skills to manage their research data.

Five ways librarians teach science literacy

With Kristina Hopkins, PhD Science Education | Apr 27, 2020

Science Literacy Image

A recent PhD student describes five key steps librarians can take to help students become literate in science.

How to build and promote your RDM skills and why you should

With Rebecca Morin, Hirsh Health Sciences Library, Tufts University | Apr 27, 2020


Tufts University librarian Becky Morin highlights four ways that librarians can hone and share their research data management skills and some compelling reasons why they should.

This webinar provides librarians with step-by-step instructions and tips to share with researchers and students on various options including the benefits of each method.

National Library Week in the US

Library Connect | Apr 20, 2020

National Library Week in the US

Library Connect recognizes the transformative role of libraries and librarians everywhere during National Library Week in the US.

Benefits of using a reference manager: From the lens of a student turned librarian

Interview with Humberto Martínez Camacho, Universidad Panamericana, Mexico | Mar 9, 2020

Universidad Panamericana, Mexico

In his role as a reference librarian, Humberto Camacho collaborates with researchers to make discovering, storing and disseminating science effortless.