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Webinar recording: Staying visible, relevant and connected with your research community

With Anna Marie Johnson, Clare Withers, Katherine Stephan | June 17, 2019

Staying visible, relevant and connected with your research community


Liaison, research, reference, subject ... these are types of librarian roles that are constantly evolving in sync with the needs of their core constituencies. On June 27, librarians Anna Marie Johnson, Clare Withers and Katherine Stephan shared their knowledge and experiences on a variety of topics.


Anna Marie presented an overview of the current state of reference and liaison librarianship based on an extensive literature review she conducted and published. She highlighted the differences between what the library can provide and what faculty are seeking, and new ways to be visible in supporting research.



Clare shared how she strengthens relationships with faculty by aligning with university goals, and the educational process she went through to be able to use the power of metrics to tell the story of research impact. She also shared how she meets researchers needs – old work vs. new work.



Katherine spoke about activities that you can do to develop or expand links with researchers through community and engagement. She shared how she started a series of “Research Cafés” as a great way to learn about research, meet students and faculty, and feel more connected to the wider research community.



You can access the recorded webinar, webinar slides, and other materials via the link below.





Additional information referenced in the webinar:


Journal Article: Connections, Conversations, and Visibility

This journal article by presenter Anna Marie Johnson provides an overview of the new roles that librarians are involved in based on an extensive review of the literature in these areas over the last ten years. The article was references in Anna Marie’s presentation and provides links to additional readings that she referenced.


Journal Article: Creating Communities with Research Cafes

During her presentation, Katherine described how Liverpool John Moores University conducts events called research cafés throughout the academic year. This article goes into greater detail and discusses how its success has allowed their team to work in partnership with colleagues from across the university in new and exciting ways.


Library Connect article: Research Data Management Librarian Academy

If are interested in improving your research data management skills, learn more about the RDMLA online global program launched in late 2019. It includes eight curricular units that can be taken individually or as a complete package. Clare touched on the program in her presentation, and more details are available here.


Library Connect article: Building good relationships: Exploring the “hangout factor” in liaison work

An examination of informal "hangout" activities shows that these simple social interactions can lead to better relationship with faculty and successes in work with liaison departments. Article was referenced in Clare Wither’s presentation.


Webinar Recording: What key faculty findings reveal for libraries

In this May 2019 webinar, presenters from Ithaka S+R shared a library-lens version of the Ithaka S+R US 2018 Faculty Survey results. They analyzed faculty research findings, teaching and publishing practices, and ideas for how librarians could incorporate this knowledge into the design of programs and services.




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