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Q: What’s my institute’s research output, and how can I monitor my institute’s changing research trends?

Susannah Megow, Elsevier's TrainingDesk | Aug 01, 2009

A: The Scopus Affiliation Search allows you to easily monitor your institute’s research output and changing research trends.

The Affiliation Search automatically identifies and matches an organization with all of its research output. This tool turns a time-consuming task into a simple search and quickly reveals information on an organization’s publications, authors, patents and scholarly Web content. Additionally, by entering your organization’s name in the Affiliation Search tab, you can learn which other organizations your authors are collaborating with in their research.

Here’s how you can use the Affiliation Search to help with your work:

  1. Follow your institute’s research trends. View a pie chart showing which subject areas account for the largest percentages of your institute’s publication output. How do these subject areas align with your collection?
  2. Monitor which publications your institute publishes in most frequently. Access a list of the titles your institute has published in, and see the number of documents per title. Are the top publications included in your collection?
  3. Feature on your library homepage a Scopus HTML feed to promote your institute’s top researchers or recent publications. To see such a feed, visit the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Library website at

Besides featuring the Affiliation Search, Scopus — providing abstract and citation information for over 36 million records — features additional analytical tools offering insight into research and journal trends.

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