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Six examples of creative promotion of ORCID by libraries

By Alainna Therese Wrigley, ORCID | Oct 09, 2017

Collage of ORCID promotions

Historically the library has led the way in engaging researchers around the use of search and discovery tools. The library has also been a strong advocate for ORCID among researchers, providing clear information about the benefits of having an ORCID iD and training in how to register and use an iD to make connections with works and affiliations.


Through our interactions with our members and regional workshops and webinars, we learn about effective engagement strategies. We share here six examples of creative ORCID promotions by librarians from around the world and provide links to resources to support your own programs.



ORCID Newcastle screensaver

Screensaver displayed on the University of Newcastle computers. Source: The University of Newcastle Library Services


ORCID screensavers on researcher computers


Having multiple touchpoints to communicate with researchers is an effective strategy. During their ORCID integration outreach campaign, the University of Newcastle displayed on all staff computers an eye-catching screensaver promoting ORCID registration and their ORCID integration. The screensaver bolstered other engagement activities in the campaign including newsletter articles, presentations for each faculty and updated LibGuides.



ORCID promotion University of Minnesota

Cookies and banners at the University of Minnesota Library’s ORCID pop-up booth. Source: University of Minnesota Library, @umnlib


 Attracting students with tasty cookies


For early career researchers, having an ORCID iD — and knowing how to use it — is an important means to distinguish their work and clarify their affiliation. It also enables them to reduce workload when making submissions to funders, publishers, or even thesis or dissertation review committees. 


The University of Minnesota used a tasty tactic to attract research students to their ORCID pop-up booth during graduate orientation: cookies! Researchers registered for an iD, learned how to use their iD, and left the booth with a delicious cookie.


A frequent request at our ORCID roadshows is a 3D printer design for an ORCID iD cookie cutter. We’re working on making this a reality — watch the ORCID blog for details.



ORCID promotion at Bond University - banners
Pull-up banners for Bond University Library Services’ ORCID pop-up booth. Source: Bond University Library Services


ORCID banners featuring researcher testimony


Librarians share that one of the most effective ways to encourage researchers to get ORCID iD is hearing how their peers have benefitted from using their ORCID iD when connecting to their institutions and other systems. Bond University Library Services created pull-up banners for their ORCID pop-up booth at this year’s Research Week. The banners feature faculty from two fields, law and medicine, and statements on how they benefit from using their ORCID iD.



ORCID UTA promotion - doorhangers
Door hangers created by University of Texas at Arlington Libraries. Source: University of Texas Arlington Libraries


Targeting researchers outside the library


Visual materials that researchers can display in their own spaces are an excellent engagement tool. Librarians at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and University of Texas at Arlington have provided researchers who have an ORCID iD with a hanger to display on their office door, cubicle wall or other location. 



ORCID promotion - mug from University of Auckland
ORCID mugs given to new sign-ups during University of Auckland pilot. Source @emmaric2247 (22 Dec 2016)


Customized iD mugs for ORCID pilot participants


Many researchers know that creating an ORCID iD is fast and easy, taking around 30-60 seconds, but they may not realize that connecting their iD to their institution is just as important. It provides the institution with the researcher’s verified ORCID iD, and it can provide the researcher with an electronic record of their affiliation that is easily sharable with a variety of publishing and funding systems with which they interact. It also provides the institution with an easy way to standardize how its name is used by its researchers, and simplifies the sharing of the researcher’s body of work with the institution. The University of Auckland Library encouraged researchers in faculties with lower sign-up rates to register during their ORCID pilot program. Those who requested or received help from the library and connected their iD back to their institution could receive a gift of a custom mug. At the end of the 12-week pilot, 286 researchers received a mug customized with their name and ORCID iD. 


ORCID promotional bookmark
ORCID bookmark templates are available at 


Add ORCID bookmarks to reserved books


Bookmarks, stickers, and other ORCID-branded stationery are popular giveaways at ORCID outreach events and library ORCID infodesks. Circulation librarians in American University (see their ORCID subject guide) insert ORCID bookmarks in reserved books, putting ORCID directly in front of researchers in their regular activities. Templates to create your own ORCID bookmarks in multiple languages are available at our Member Support Center.



ORCID iD symbol
Use the ORCID iD icon to represent ORCID. Download: ORCID Trademark and iD Display Guidelines


ORCID resources for your outreach campaigns 


All ORCID resources have a CC0 license, meaning anyone can use and reuse them to create materials tailored to their engagement needs. Download and use the ORCID iD icon to represent ORCID — it’s green, it’s public domain, and it’s available in many formats. (Need another format? Let us know!) 


We are launching new education and outreach resources tools in mid-October to help our users understand what ORCID is and the benefits of having an iD. The outreach resources toolkit supports communications and engagement campaigns, including a sample communications plan and updated bookmarks, banners, flyers, and sample promotional text to reflect new Registry features.



Have your own example to share? We’d love to hear it!


Our Member Support Center resources pages feature examples of integrations, LibGuides, promotional materials, member outreach strategies, and other resources shared by the ORCID community. Share your examples for the community to benefit.