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Make your spirits bright with seasonal articles from ScienceDirect

Dec 18, 2012

Figure 1. The ‘Christmas tree model’ of morphological evolution. (See citation details within article.)

Does cinnamon smell as good during summertime as in December?

Are you ready for some drastic measures to keep your tree fresh?

Have you considered how many spins occur in the dreidel game?

Our colleagues at ScienceDirect selected a handful of holiday articles to share with our readers.

Effectiveness of I–V watering devices in maintaining postharvest freshness and quality of cut Christmas trees, Postharvest Biology and Technology

Odor attributes change in relation to the time of the year. Cinnamon odor is more familiar and pleasant during Christmas season than summertime, Appetite

Dreidel lasts spins, Advances in Applied Mathematics

The resolution solution: Longitudinal examination of New Year's change attempts, Journal of Substance Abuse

Combustion particles emitted during church services: Implications for human respiratory health, Environment International

Article image from: Wagner, Gunter P., and Lynch, Vincent J., "The gene regulatory logic of transcription factor evolution," Trends in Ecology & Evolution, Cell Press, Volume 23, Issue 7, July 2008, Pages 377–385

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