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Library launches repository project to facilitate access to and promote university’s research

Svetlana Smolina, South Ural State University | Mar 13, 2012

South Ural State University (SUSU) is one of the largest universities in the Urals, Russia, and was categorized as a national research university in 2010. More than 55,000 students are enrolled in SUSU and its affiliates in the cities of Chelyabinsk and Tyumen. In addition to supporting the university’s mission to develop and implement innovative educational and scientific programs, the library plays a key role in preserving the university’s intellectual heritage.

In 2011, the library launched the SUSU electronic archives (repository) project. The SUSU electronic archive comprises links to full electronic versions of scientific publications and monographs of SUSU researchers, professors, lecturers and postgraduates, as well as original documents such as teaching aids, academic manuals, and other SUSU-related materials.

The project is being realized within the framework of the University Development Programme for 2010-2019 based on DSpace software. The full versions of article texts of VESTNIK SUSU SERIES, series of natural sciences and technical disciplines (machine building, chemistry, physics, metallurgy, etc.) are posted on the first level of the archive.

With the development of the SUSU electronic archive, the library can:

  • Provide long-term access to full versions of the article texts in electronic form
  • Allow users to browse for the scientific works of the university researchers according to different parameters (author, title, theme, year of publication)
  • Apply meta-information for links to publications in both Russian and English
  • Facilitate the development of scientific and intellectual communication channels of university researchers
  • Focus attention of the scientific community on the university’s achievements
  • Promote SUSU scientific production in the world information space
  • Increase citedness of SUSU scientific publications via Internet access

This project reveals the distinctive features of Russian university librarians: determination, ability and desire to be among leaders in IT and technological know-how.