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IR outreach and partnership yield award-winning results

With Karen Ramsden, Montclair State University | Feb 20, 2020


Montclair State University’s Harry A. Sprague Library, Karen Hunter Memorial Award Recipients

(L-R) Siobhan McCarthy, Darren Sweeper, Mei Ling Chow. Kathleen Hughes, Judith Lin Hunt, Denise O'Shea, Karen Ramsden, Paul Martinez



A vision of a successful institutional repository (IR) suggests academic papers, research data and other scholarly artifacts. But the success of the IR will also depend on an unseen factor — the strength of your stakeholder partnerships. 


“Show them the impact and they will come,” advised Karen Ramsden during a presentation at The Hunter Forum during the ALA Midwinter Meeting. “You have to become an agent of change and get partners outside of the library on board.”


A research and projects specialist at Montclair State University’s Harry A. Sprague Library, Karen shared how she and the library repository team brought their IR to life. This accomplishment was bolstered by a coordinated outreach effort. Karen suggested a few of her top tips for librarians to recruit potential partners in the research office and beyond:


  1. Lobby for a seat at the table
  2. Ask how to partner
  3. Seek out researchers and faculty who publish and are willing to share their research
  4. Find and attend university events


Launched on April 25, 2018, Montclair State’s IR saw a 96 percent increase in downloads by January 2020 — from 2,500 downloads in 2018 to 65,000 downloads in 2020! In a virtuous cycle, the researchers increase the visibility of their work and encourage collaboration with other researchers around the world.





The extra efforts of the IR team didn’t stop there. Looking to enhance research workflows, they partnered with Elsevier on a beta integration between Digital Commons and Pure, a research information management system from Elsevier. This project is expected to share the existing scholarly content in the University’s three research platforms: Research with New Jersey, Research with Montclair, and Montclair State University Digital Commons. These platforms are delivering value for all university stakeholders, while also creating visibility and growth potential for the university as a whole.



Judith Lin Hunt (right) accepts the Karen Hunter Memorial Award, presented by Elsevier Director of Marketing Catherine Gold, on behalf of Montclair State’s IR team.



The institutional repository team at Montclair State University’s Harry A. Sprague Library received the second annual Karen Hunter Memorial Award for this work. The award was established in 2018 to honor the legacy of Karen Hunter, who led research initiatives and partnered with the library community throughout her distinguished career. The awardee is selected by Elsevier’s North American Library Advisory Board and recognizes a project, product, publication, program event or testimony that shows desire to encourage collaborations between librarians and publishers, or advance information dissemination through technology.