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How to create an ORCID record from a Scopus author ID

Dec 09, 2013

About ORCID: ORCID stands for Open Researcher & Contributor ID.  It is an international, interdisciplinary non-profit organization allowing researchers to attain a unique and persistent digital identifier.  A key benefit of ORCID is that it helps solve name ambiguity in research and scholarly communications by creating a central registry of unique identifiers for individual researchers. 


Scopus is linked to ORCID, allowing researchers to export their existing author information without the manual effort of adding it into the ORCID site itself. This is done by using their existing Scopus Author ID. To learn how, follow the steps below:


1. Go to Scopus and select the "Authors" link:

  • Enter your details into the form and click "Search."

  • Select your name from the list under "Author," which opens your Author details page.

  • Click "Add to Orcid," on the righthand panel.


2. You will be sent to the Scopus to ORCID page.

  • If you have an ORCID ID, sign in to your account.

  • If not, select "Register now" and fill out the requested information and select "Authorize." (Note, before you proceed with the six steps, verify your email address. Go to your mailbox and find the email with the subject line "[ORCID] Thanks for creating an ORCID iD." Open the email and select "Verify your email address.")


3. Follow the steps to associate your Scopus and ORCID profiles.


4. Select the profiles that contain publications authored by you and select "Start" in the bottom righthand corner to continue.


5. Select your preferred profile name from the dropdown list and select "Next" in the bottom righthand corner to continue.


6. Review the list of publications associated with the profile you selected. Click on the "X" button(s) for any publications that should be removed from your profile. If publications are missing, select the "Search for missing documents" link at the bottom. Once finished, select "Next."


7. Review your edited profile to ensure that the data being sent to ORCID is correct. If you are satisfied and ready to continue, select "Next."


8. Now you are ready to send your Scopus ID to ORCID.  Enter and confirm your email address in the field provided and add any other pertinent information that might be helpful in completing the profile corrections.


9. Once finished, click "Send Author ID."


10. You will now be prompted by the Scopus to ORCID wizard for permission to also send your publication list. If you wish to send your list, click "send my publication list."


11. Next you will receive a message from ORCID asking if you authorize Scopus to access your ORCID record. Click on "Authorize." 


12. Your list will now be imported from Scopus and you will receive a confirmation notice in the Scopus to ORCID wizard. From here, click on 'return to ORCID' in order to review your updated profile and publication list. 


13. Finally, review your ORCID profile. Note, you can control which publications you make public, and which you keep private.


That completes the process of incorporating your Scopus information into your ORCID profile. If you wish to learn more about ORCID, please visit: