Originally shared in 2014, this poster is a fun way to encourage grad students and other library users to explore new skills this summer at the library.

Talking to your researchers about the h-index

By Jenny Delasalle, Freelance Librarian | May 24, 2016

h-graph for David Neal

This article explains how the h-index is calculated, why it will vary depending on the data source, accounting for discipline and career stage, how to improve the h-index and alternatives to the h-index.

The webinar presenters field questions and respond to comments, such as “What is the difference between the h-index and g-index?” and “Do writing articles in collaboration and open-access publishing improve visibility?”

Monthly webinars on different topics are available in both English and German, are free to attend and can be viewed live or on demand. Webinar topics include metrics, author profiles, content coverage, search tips, APIs and more. Find out more about how to reap higher returns on your Scopus investment.

Capturing and communicating the value of information management services in a corporate culture

A Q&A with upcoming webinar presenter Ulla de Stricker | May 10, 2016

Ulla de Stricker and book cover

On June 21, Ulla de Stricker will share her advice for information managers (IMs) in the webinar “Capturing and communicating the value of information management services in a corporate culture." In this article Ulla answers questions about the current challenges faced by IMs at corporate organizations relating to understanding and communicating the value of the services they provide. 

Read responses to questions regarding The Ohio State University Research Commons, its services and promotion that we did not have time to respond to during the “Fostering research community through library spaces and services” webinar. Link to the webinar recording and the slides.

Benchmarking with SciVal in Scholarly Communication and Research Services

By Rebecca Reznik-Zellen, University of Massachusetts Medical School | Apr 25, 2016

UMMS dept benchmarking article graph

Research intelligence tools can greatly facilitate the evaluation of research performance using citation-based measures, enabling libraries to tell better stories about research performance to the faculty and administrators. This article describes a benchmarking project at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. 

In this webinar, librarian Jenny Delasalle and metrics expert Andrew Plume will walk you through some key article, author and journal metrics and put them in a librarian’s context. They will examine how the metrics are calculated and where you can find them. This seminar approach will provide an excellent overview of several metrics you can use to jumpstart or enhance different initiatives.

Attendees of the 2016 Medical Library Association Conference in Toronto, Canada, are invited to an Elsevier luncheon featuring Dr. Scott Brady, Professor and Head of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Brady will discuss "Life in the Fast Lane: The journey from ​squid axons to Alzheimer’s brains."

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