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Endeavour College librarians enhance knowledge and usage of Mendeley via certification program training

June 29, 2015

Academic staff member and Renee Stokes, an Endeavour College Research Librarian

More than 725 librarians have registered to take part in the Mendeley Librarian Certification Program, including 10 librarians from the Endeavour College of Natural Health. With six campuses across Australia, Endeavour College is a specialist provider of natural health qualifications offering certificate, diploma and degree programs. The Office of Research aims include supporting the creation of new knowledge related to complementary and alternative medicine. Librarians play an important role in that support.

The Endeavour College library (the library) offers advanced research assistance, and access to and training for a wide range of academic databases and tools, including Mendeley.

Choosing Mendeley
In 2011 the library introduced citation software instruction to students, which meant choosing an associated reference manager. While several options were considered, they chose Mendeley for its ease of use, functionality and accessibility. The ability to access Mendeley from anywhere at any time especially suited the college as it allowed librarians and staff to easily and efficiently support students at any of the six campuses.
“Mendeley is the perfect tool for an organisation like ours because saved articles are stored securely in the cloud, are accessible from any device, and citations can be seamlessly shared between members of a group,” says Kristie Jones, Endeavour College’s Brisbane Library Manager. “Our IT people install the Mendeley desktop remotely onto all campus computers, and the library staff know Mendeley inside-out, making it easy to troubleshoot most issues over the phone or via email.”

Promoting Mendeley

As part of the certification program, Endeavour College librarians created a Mendeley rollout plan to ensure widespread adoption of the reference manager among students and more recently appointed research staff. The plan has helped them to coordinate activities across all campuses, including:
  • Promotion of the1,000 upgraded Mendeley seats, a certification program reward
  • Training for groups of students and one-to-one tailored sessions for research staff
  • Posters and email campaigns
  • Creation of a public Endeavour College Mendeley group so that staff and students from any campus can stay connected with each other and receive updates from the library
“It’s exciting to point out to staff the features of Mendeley that make it a great collaborative research tool — the ability to create groups and share articles and annotations, as well as to connect via Mendeley web with others doing related research,” says Renee Stokes, an Endeavour College Research Librarian.
Later this year the library plans to survey students and staff about their use of Mendeley and will share the results in Library Connect.