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Elsevier events at ALA 2020 Virtual

June 22, 2020

 ALA 2020 Virtual


The ALA 2020 Virtual Event is a few days away.  Elsevier will be hosting several educational sessions and we hope to see you there!  


To join any of the events, simply click on the title and you will be directed to the virtual Zoom meeting.


Wednesday, June 24 - All sessions in Central Time


10:00-10:15am CT


Free RDM training program for librarians

Meeting ID 949 0487 1548; Passcode 808287


The Research Data Management Librarian Academy (RDMLA) is a free online professional development program designed by librarians for librarians and information professionals who work in a research-intensive environment. Come take a virtual tour of the program with us.


Presenters: Ashley Thomas, RDMLA Librarian, Harvard Medical School; Cindy Minor, Editor, Library Connect, Elsevier



11:00-11:15am CT


Where does your research data really end up? Using Mendeley Data Monitor to track your research data

Meeting ID 944 4829 0988; Passcode 074230


Increasingly, institutions, funding bodies, and national research organizations are pushing for increased data sharing and FAIR data. In response to this, institutions typically implement data policies, which are often supported by an institutional data repository, but in order to ensure that researchers and institutions get credit for sharing their data, the data must be tracked and attributed to the institution.


Presenter: Wouter Haak, VP Research Data Management, Elsevier



11:15-11:30am CT


How librarians can address their most pressing questions using Scopus

Meeting ID 968 4329 8629; Passcode 534354


The session will show you how to uncover experts in a particular field to recruit or collaborate with, identify and select content for collection assessment, keeping track of what is getting published and the impact of these publications and more. Scopus boosts research performance and impact in an increasingly complex research landscape, providing effective search tools and automated workflows.


Presenter: Wim Meester, Director Product Management, Scopus, Elsevier



2:00-2:30pm CT


Supporting conferences and events with your IR

Meeting ID 916 3022 8061; Passcode 323403


With virtual meetings and classes, the new status quo for many institutions, is your IR poised to step in and support? In this presentation, you’ll see and hear about examples of how Digital Commons can host your campus’s virtual events and materials. Attendees will come away with ideas for continuing or expanding IR services to support a variety of events and learning needs across your campuses.


Presenter: Tish Wagner, Digital Commons, Elsevier



4:00-4:15pm CT


Scopus Certification Program for Librarians

Meeting ID 999 4621 3107; Passcode 359009


Did you know that periodically Elsevier offers a free six-week online training program on Scopus? Learn about certification in this live session. Hosted in Canvas, the program covers Topical Search, Author Identity, Metrics, Scopus APIs, Institutional Insights and User Outreach. Come find out more!


Presenter: Colleen DeLory, Director of Librarian Community, Elsevier



4:15-4:45pm CT


Automatically populate your IR: Harvesting Scopus data into Digital Commons

Meeting ID 980 3176 6229; Passcode 983477


One of the primary purposes of the IR is to serve faculty by fully representing their works. And yet, this is one of the hardest, most burdensome challenges for IR managers. Attendees will get a look at the new Scopus-to-Digital Commons integration for automatically populating the IR at scale with faculty publication records.


Presenter: Shandon Quinn, VP Product Management, Digital Commons, Elsevier



Thursday, June 25 - All sessions in Central Time 


10:00-10:30am CT


Librarian & Elsevier Meet & Greet

Meeting ID 951 0030 3101; Passcode 754644





  • Gwen Evans, VP Global Library Relations
  • Michiel Kolman, SVP, Information Industry Relations; Academic Ambassador
  • Melissa Fulkerson, Sr Director Product Management Research Reference



11:00-11:15am CT


International Center for the Study of Research (ICSR) Lab: A platform for scholarly bibliometric analyses and data access at no cost

Meeting ID 985 8034 4708; Passcode 914415


ICSR Lab is a cloud-based computational platform that enables researchers to analyze large structured datasets, including those powering Elsevier solutions such as Scopus and PlumX Metrics. It was launched in March this year and is available at no cost for scholarly bibliometrics research into themes such as research impact, careers and practices, open science, inclusivity and sustainability. This presentation will describe the extensive datasets that are available through ICSR Lab, the features available on the platform, and the kinds of projects that are currently being undertaken, as well as demonstrating the powerful insights that can be obtained from using these datasets in concert. We encourage applications to use the Lab from research librarians and their patrons alike!


Presenter: Kristy James, Data Scientist, Elsevier



11:15-11:30am CT


Supporting Research in 2020

Meeting ID 986 9005 0799; Passcode 137280


See how premium society journals are supporting research in an uncertain world post COVID-19 outbreak.


Presenter: Karen Bunkell, Marketing Manager, Cell Press, Elsevier



3:15-3:30pm CT


Help your researchers manage their author profiles, for free

Meeting ID 960 4548 4510; Passcode 411903


Publication data informs your researchers’ funding and promotion applications and is used by those assessing your researchers and institution, so it’s critical that author profile data is up to date and accurate. With freely accessible Scopus author profiles, your researchers can tell a more accurate and complete story about their research. Join us as we discuss free author profile resources to enhance library instruction.


Presenter: Rachel McCullough, Research Intelligence Solutions Marketing, Elsevier



4:00-4:30pm CT


The Pivot to Online Classes: Support Your New Remote Learning Environment with ScienceDirect eBooks

Meeting ID 966 0824 1820; Passcode 808568


Elsevier eBooks and Topic Pages offer students and faculty the content they need to support all levels of STEM education. Faculty are searching for content to build online coursework, and librarians play a critical role in providing the materials needed for a successful online educational experience. Elsevier textbooks, major reference works and monographs support more than just advanced and graduate studies. From first year students to the graduate level and beyond, learn how ScienceDirect eBooks provide the foundational knowledge needed to support remote learning.


Presenter: Andy Albrecht, Product Manager ScienceDirect eBooks, Elsevier