How are librarians harnessing the power of visuals?


In this webinar, three librarians with very different perspectives — collection development, institutional repository, library leadership — will address a common theme. How to enrich their reports and presentations to key library stakeholders with multimedia and data visualizations.


Scholarly communication issues around scholarly collaboration networks

By Colleen DeLory, Elsevier Library Connect | Oct 25, 2017

Scholarly collaboration networks

With the rise of scholarly collaboration networks, librarians need to understand the role of these networks in the research lifecycle, the key issues involved and how to incorporate SCNs into scholarly communication models and instruction and outreach activities. 


IR managers face several challenges in supporting open access uptake and driving policy compliance; read about how University of Florida and Qatar University are taking advantage of ScienceDirect APIs. Also learn more about how CHORUS assists with public access and compliance.

This month, Library Connect sent a short survey to subscribers asking for input on how librarians and information professionals are helping to inform their researchers about open access publishing options.

Mapping the route to open data sharing

By Anita de Waard and Helena Cousijn, Elsevier Research Data Management Services | Oct 24, 2017

RDM specialists need to play a role in research data sharing

A recent study found a disconnect between researchers’ perception of the importance of sharing data and their actions. By understanding the underlying issues, librarians can thoughtfully play a role in helping to advance data sharing at their institutions.

Share these tips with your researchers so they can leverage opportunities with Elsevier to publish open access and discover the growing body of open access content.  

More is simply more: thoughts on open access

By Gregg Gordon, SSRN | Oct 22, 2017

Image of the word ACCESS

During Open Access Week, though it’s interesting to look at the proliferation of open access types and the associated terminology, I think it is much more productive to think about openly sharing research and helping to increase research performance.

Celebrate Open Access Week with an inspirational free webinar 100 Stories of Impact: One Year Later on Wednesday, Oct. 25 (recorded webinar now available). Explore why the library cares about open access as it relates to the institutional repository, and how that translates to authors and institutional leadership.

Libraries are experiencing complex changes due to digital forms of publishing, new customer needs and new scientific challenges. Many new media channels and business models for scientific communication have appeared during the last few years. What impact does this have on how scientists communicate with each other and how they exchange scientific results and insights.

Embedding ORCID in researcher workflows and institutional systems

By Ellen Cole, Northumbria University | Oct 9, 2017

ORCID promotion at Northumbria University

Northumbria University is focused on growing its research activity, in terms of quantity and quality. With use of the ORCID iD, we can better ensure we are capturing this growth. Here are a few strategies we have found to be not only successful, but sustainable.