In this webinar three experienced librarians will explore outreach activities to engage various user groups, and how services and a physical space - like a research commons or makerspace - can enhance collaboration, interdisciplinarity and raise the profile of the library.

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What is the average number of scholarly articles downloaded per research project? How does the library stack up as a source of downloaded articles versus research social networks? Find out in this infographic featuring responses from 1,000 faculty members, researchers and PhD/master's students. 

How scholars share journal articles: implications for the library

By Colleen DeLory, Elsevier | Dec 7, 2015

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The Beyond Downloads project is attempting to answer four essential research questions, including “What is a more complete use and value of articles?” to report more fully on the value the library delivers to the institution. Learn about this international collaboration among the University of Tennessee, Project COUNTER, Ciber Research Ltd. and Elsevier.

The topic of the 2015 Hunter Forum at ALA Midwinter will be "Raising the stakes: Librarians as partners in the research enterprise for high-impact university outcomes."

Access the recording, download the slides and link to resources from the Nov. 12 webinar on article, author and journal metrics: what librarians need to know.

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Beyond Downloads project team members discuss the results of interviews, focus groups, and an international survey with more than 1,000 scholars to investigate the ways in which they access, store, share and use downloaded scholarly articles.

Access the recording, download the slides and link to resources from the Oct. 22 webinar on how to help researchers share their research data — from instruction and tools to motivating them with research data impact metrics.

The eBooks Savings Calculator is an app that helps librarians estimate the potential cost savings of converting from print books to eBooks.