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100 stories that show why open access matters

Oct 22, 2017

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Celebrate Open Access Week with an inspirational free webinar 100 Stories of Impact: One Year Later on Wednesday, Oct. 25 (recorded webinar now available). Promita Chatterji, bepress product marketing manager, will follow up on a 2016 project shifting the discussion around open access from “how” to “why.” She’ll explore why the library cares about open access as it relates to the institutional repository, and how that translates to authors and institutional leadership.





Librarians in the bepress community leverage open access scholarship that goes beyond green and gold journal articles — materials like technical reports, conference proceedings and student theses — to raise the visibility of the entire institution. By making this work publicly available and clearly branded, the library can help enhance the university’s public profile and stake out a more central role on campus.





Whether individual faculty and students or groups of researchers affiliated with labs or open access journals, authors are able to advance their professional careers by making their work more visible. Early-career researchers can make a name for themselves, and researchers at any stage can establish themselves as experts in their field. 





What do prospective faculty, students and funders see when they search for information about your institution? Making a wide breadth of your scholarship discoverable through the institutional repository means they’ll find concrete examples of what makes your campus unique. Leaders in the Office of Research, Provost’s Office and Graduate Programs also love seeing detailed information about the institutions, organizations and businesses that are reading their work. 



Join us for Wednesday’s webinar (recorded webinar now available) to hear an updated sampling of 100 stories that show the impact of open access for researchers, institutions, librarians and readers around the world. 



bepress The Impact of Open Access

Download Open Access: 100 Stories of Impact for 100 examples that demonstrate concrete outcomes of open impact framed within overarching themes.