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Published quarterly in electronic format, the Library Connect Newsletter covers library and information science best practices, issues, technology and trends. Library Connect is a global program from Elsevier for academic, medical, corporate and government librarians. The program includes a free newsletter and other resources, such as webinars, live regional events, and social media channels. There are more than 50,000 subscribers in 175 countries to Library Connect webinars and the newsletter. The Library Connect Newsletter was first published in 2002; ISSN: 1549-3725.


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Cindy Minor


Cindy Minor

Cindy is the editor of the Library Connect Newsletter and manages the Library Connect website, webinar program and social media channels. She has been with Elsevier for 19 years, working in editorial and marketing positions in academic research departments including social and information science. While in the research arena, she contributed and edited articles for Elsevier’s SciTech Connect Newsletter, moderated several educational webinars, and participated in key research conferences. Cindy attends several librarian conferences throughout the year and looks forward to partnering with librarians to expand the Library Connect community outreach. Cindy welcomes suggestions for article and webinar topics and authors/presenters. Please contact her at c.minor@elsevier.com.