CASE STUDY: Embedded Librarianship at Welch Medical Library at Johns Hopkins

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This case study is part of the Power to the Librarian series, which profiled exceptional library professionals in a variety of roles from information literacy to showcasing the quality and impact of the academic research enterprise. Click here to find a listing of and links to all Power to the Librarian case studies (available in multiple languages) and webinars.

The Welch Medical Library, which serves the faculty staff and students of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore, Maryland, USA is a proponent of the embedded nformationist model, a specialist clinical librarian who works closely with faculty staff and students onsite, rather than in the library itself. It is a role that has gained in importance with the transition to electronic content as the primary medium for academic journals and texts. 
Evidence of its validity is the fact that the doors of the physical Welch Library building are to be closed pending a final review. Academic material, and the support staff of librarians, or informationists, henceforth will find the staff and students where they work and study, rather than await them in the library building.