CASE STUDY: Distance instruction at National University of Singapore

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Case study: Distance instruction at National University of SingaporeThis case study is part of the Power to the Librarian series, which profiled exceptional library professionals in a variety of roles from information literacy to showcasing the quality and impact of the academic research enterprise. Click here to find a listing of and links to all Power to the Librarian case studies (available in multiple languages) and webinars.

Librarians at the National University of Singapore are using a variety of Web and multimedia software tools to provide distance instruction to students on how to use the resources of the libraries. 
According to Aaron Tay, a librarian in the university’s Information Services Department, there are a number of reasons for adopting this approach. One is that there is a general familiarity with digital content among library users today which must be reflected in the way coursework and instruction is delivered, and another is a practical solution to the problem of operating across several campuses. 

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