Quick Click: Creative career development resources for your postdocs and grad students

Published Jun 14, 2012 in the Newsletter Issue: Evolving collections & services -- July 2012

To meet the needs of a growing population of postdocs and junior researchers, librarians are launching more educational programs and services for this specific group. Resources on Elsevier’s Biggerbrains website can help. Biggerbrains offers a free career guide, video tutorials and even a game to walk through four stages of career development: Search and Discovery, Writing and Publishing, Networking and Funding. Put some pizzazz into your next library seminar with one of the Biggerbrains videos, and help guide your researchers in setting a successful career path. And after you’ve introduced the Biggerbrains website, you can encourage them to keep up-to-date with new resources and issues on the Biggerbrains Facebook and Twitter communities.